The Grow Mill is characterized by its ability to simultaneously perform a wide range processes for all types of materials from foods to industrial. The Grow Mill can shear, grind, atomize, disperse, emulsify, and fibrillate

The superior cutting edge and processing ability of the Grow Mill has recognized by countless users, all of whom rely on the Grow Mill to perform various kinds of processing

  • Versatility unique to stone mill grinder
  • High-density grindstone for an unparalleled cutting edge and processing capacity.
  • Decomposition time of about one minute.
  • Continuous processing enables mass production
  • Mousses can also be created in a short period of time
  • Simple structure for easy operation and cleaning
  • Also achieves an optimal mixing effect for dressings
  • Use for grinding film (polyimide)
  • Absolutely no need to strain corn soups, Etc.
    100% of ingredients can be utilized
  • Stable atomization for high yield
  • Clearance (the gap between grindstones) can be easily adjusted in granduations of 0.005 mm.
  • Also supports custom grinders
Grinder Size (diameter) Ø36cm
Processing capacity300 ~ 2500 kg/HR
DimensionsØ460mm H1800mm
Power SourceAC200 V 22/30 kW 3-phase

For additional information on the grow mill download the brochure link below.