Outside frame can be disassembled easily.

Inside frame is also detachable, so can be soak in sanitizer.

For dehydration of materials after a washer.

Just need to put baskets filled with materials into the machine.

Outstanding stability and durability due to the direct motor drive!

For lettuce, cabbage, carrot or various vegetables.

Adjustable timer depending on materials.
Rotation speed can be adjusted depending on materials.

Two independent cutters from different directions.

Achieves consistent slice and small damage due to the two independent cutter.

  • Simple and high-performance control panel.
  • The machine stops automatically when the body loses balance.
  • The cover can be detached easily from the body.
DimensionsW930 x D820 x H1095(mm)
Motor1-phase, 220V, 1500W
Basket Volume30L
Rotation Speed1100 rpm(max)
DimensionsW820 x D781 x H1095(mm)
MotorSingle Phase 200V 1500W
Basket Volume45L
Rotation Speed1250 rpm